Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Thinkings

I am getting ready for chemo treatment number 2 tomorrow. I am still a little aprehensive about it. I know the procedure, but what I don't know, is how my body will react to this and each of my subsequent treatments. The first one, really wasn't that bad. I learned some valuable lessons: McDonald's is never a good idea, and pot roast is right up there with the Golden Arches of Evil.

I am sadly disappointed that I have not lost my hair yet. I am extremely pissed off that I have yet to develop any super powers. I think that the "What to Expect When You Have Cancer" brochure needs to be trashed and re-written. All I have gained from my treatments are an increased need for sleep, a few hemerrhoids and a couple of boils. All in all, I think these are shitty super powers and seem more like punishments than rewards. I guess I should be thankful, I haven't grown extra hair in odd places, like my eyelids, the 'roids are smaller than a Buick and the boils are not in a visible location, like on my face. Sometimes being positive is all you have. I am not sure that I have a handle on that yet, but I am trying!

I am in the process of packing my "chemo bag". It's a small messenger bag that has my stuff in it that I might need for the day. Right now it includes:

a small pillow, hand made and donated by some amazing person
my anti-nausea meds
ginger candy and candied ginger
cell phone charger
protein bar
dried fruit
various butt creams and ointments
gauze ( needed for the drain that I still have in for my abcess)
books (Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs and Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell)
handicapped hang tag and corresponding paperwork
gum wrapper
my cancer notebook
a pen
my comedy notebook
my storage unit key (it's not needed for chemo, I just always know where it is if I leave it in there)
numbing cream for my port site and Tegaderm patch
a protein bar
miscellaneous fuzz
iPod and headphones

I may add a few more things. I am open to suggestions. I still have room, so I have this need to put more stuff in it. Oky kiddos, I am going to go swimming and hang with my Dammit Sister, The Boy, his mom and my mom. Enjoy!

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